Thursday, June 26

Strictly Fashion: Steven Alan

Fashions the word... that indie designer and boutique owner, Steven Alan symbolizes. The unfamiliar, under the raps designer is one of my favorites. He takes average and ordinary pieces and turns them into more swanky, contemporary, and desirable apparel. His designs are simple yet ambiguous, if that makes any sense. To speak metaphorically, his line doesn't yell, it just hums a unique tune. Steven owns a trendy and admirable boutique, where he sales his own independent brand and numerous others. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, Wings + Horns, and Conroy & Wilcox are a handful of labels sold there. His store originated in New York, but just recently opened several in Southern California. Now he is bicoastal and the owner of seven boutiques.
EXTRA FACT! Steven Alan is a divorced father who has one son, of which he shares custody with his x-wife.
ANOTHER EXTRA FACT! Steven Alan is starting a new line (not diffusion) for Urban Outfitters. It will be called Lark & Wolff and is planned to be merchandised in stores July 4th. The pieces will retail between $58 and $128.

Tuesday, June 24

Obsession: Colored Denim

Fashion's the word… that would absolutely represent colored denim in the 70s/80s. This trend started to reappear around last year and I was completely appalled by it. I felt that since it was thought of around 30 years ago, that it should stay there. After seeing the trend revolving around me for quite a while, I started to feel warmer towards the idea. I then actually bought a pair of maroon Kill City jeans from Urban Outfitters. Beyond buying the colored pair of jeans that fit me like a glove, I have become obsessed. Since seeing my style widened by this phenomenon, I suggest that everyone give it a chance. This trend has been seen represented by celebrities like Rhiana, Fergie, Ashlee Simpson, and the Jonas Brothers.
WANT TO BUY? Colored denim is sold in an abundant amount of stores. The most obvious retailers that come to mind are Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.

Monday, June 23

Obsession: Anne Hathaway

Fashion's the word... that would absolutely be used to explain Anne Hathaway. She is truly one of my most favorite actresses, appearing in movies like Becoming Jane, Havoc, Get Smart, and above all The Devil Wears Prada. Not only is she a great actress, but she definitely puts her mark in the world of fashion. It is said that the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, put her in the minds of people as a fashionable actress. I wouldn't disagree, but she does unmistakably work up to the expectation of her character, Andy Sachs. She certainly looks utterly stunning at every public appearance. Hathaway has been seen wearing many designer dresses, such as a beautiful feathered dress by Bill Blass at the premiere of Get Smart. I absolutely love the modesty and timidity of her style, although she says that her personal wardrobe is something she "can't get right" and instead prefers "doing things she loves".
EXTRA FACT! She was raised as a strong catholic and wanted to become a nun, until she found out her brother was gay.