Friday, August 1


"Starting over new already?" is the question that all of you must be asking, but I have the answer that might put your wonderment to ease.
As you may know, I vacationed in Canada and just recently returned. The marvelous lake and snow scenery can definitely put you to ease, although that and fine dining were the only entertaining things there. So only having that, you unwillingly were given an abundant amount of time to ponder and wonder. Many subjects came to mind-- New school year, friends, parties, college, and Fashion's The Word. Coming to the end of the trip, I came to the realization that Fashion's The Word is not heading towards the direction I want. I started this blog without a clear vision. Despite me loving everything about it, it wasn't where I found myself continuously updating. With a little remodeling, I'm with an idea of what direction I want to go--

1. A dual of both genders, maybe heading more towards the male side
2. A lot more personal
3. An abundant amount of fashion show reviews
4. More FASHION, less celebrities
5. Less Graphics, more content

I'm very hopeful that you may be at least half as excited as I am. If not, I aspire to make you think otherwise.
The site will be down for a few days-- Refurnishing!

Authentically, Cory K.