Thursday, June 19

Inspiration: Kanye West

Fashion’s the word that absolutely describes Kanye West. He takes the “rapper” style and then turns it into his own, more fashion forward. West even has a clothing line – “Pastel Clothing”. His and my style may not be in the same category, but I do take bits and pieces and use them as inspiration in my everyday wardrobe. Kanye West is also a huge trendsetter. He made the Shutter Aviators a huge success. Despite West really only making the Shutter Aviators big, I also admire many other styles of glasses seen worn by him.
His Music! If I dare say, I’m a pretty strong singer and I listen to many genres of music. Sad to say, I’m not a big fan of rapping; although that does not apply with Kanye West! I have loved his music since the debut album of "The College Dropout” in 2004. He is an astronomical success in the music department. West has his own record label - "G.O.O.D. Music" and has produced hit singles for Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, and Ludacris.

Wednesday, June 18

Magazine: Vanitly Fair

Fashion’s the word that definitely comes up when you say, Vanity Fair. I recently was roaming though, without a subscription, and was reading this article on Angelina Jolie, July 08’s cover girl. This article put me in awe and completely changed my perspective on her. I was utterly confused if I should label this post Inspiration or Magazine. Jolie seems like a very distinguished person and strong women. Prier to reading this article, I wasn’t even sure if I supported her and Brad’s relationship because I still felt bad for Jennifer Aniston. I know I’m in desperate need of getting over it. Well, I sort of did. I am now a very strong supporter of Jolie-Pitt. They seem like really great parents/people. I read that they only leave their children with at least one parent. It doesn’t seem like much, but I know it is hard for two working actors. Also, them adopting children of multiple raises, impassioned me. Jolie, loving to be pregnant, is very prodigious. All in all, I found this article very appealing and advise you to read it.
ALSO! This is the 5th post of "Fashion's the Word". I hope everyone has liked everything so far. It can only get better!

Tuesday, June 17

Strictly Fashion: Rag & Bone

Fashion’s the word that positively defines Rag & Bone. I love everything that they represent. When they first started as just a jean brand, they had no formal training. I really can’t believe what they have grown into. Every piece they design is greatly tailored. Rag & Bone tends to use very simple/dull colors, but the styling and design are uniquely wearable. Isn’t that all you want to find in a piece of clothing?
Fall 2008, has been their latest collection. I extremely loved what they put together. It really jumped out to me when I was looking through As I said before, the tailoring was magnificent. I absolutely admired some of the layering they put together. I also enjoyed how they took boyish looks and turned them into feminine looking, female pieces.
Want to buy? Rag & Bone are found in multiple boutiques. Odin, Steven Alen, Theory, and Owl’S Lab are just a few examples. Larger, more known stores, include Barneys and American Rag.
Extra thought! The name “Rag & Bone” comes from a British fixture. It was a man who went around the town with a horse and cart, finding bunches of scraps to recycle. Sadly, Garbage Collection started to decline the Rag & Bone population.

Monday, June 16

Obsession: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fashion’s the word that comes up in my mind when you say, Wayfarer Sunglasses. Like Aviators, these glasses were first introduced to pilots, but right when they were released the public, they became a huge success among celebrities. Lindsey Lohan, Madonna, the Jonas Brothers, Ashlee Simpson, and the Olsen Twin are just a few seen sporting this fashion forward accessory. Of course, these glasses are made in Italy. These glasses are also made in the same authentic plastic design as they were in 1952, when they were initially introduced.
Want to buy them? I’ve bought Wayfarer Sunglasses from many stores, maybe even too many to recall. The most obvious places I remember are Urban Outfitters, Bloomindales, and H&M. They probably are sold in many stores of your local mall, too.

Sunday, June 15

Inspiration: Jonas Bro's

**first blog

Fashion's the word that definitely describes the Jonas Brothers. These three truly inspire my wardrobe. Kevin, Joe, and Nick all have a fresh take on the Jonas Bro's image. Even with the paparazzi always on there tail, they still never seize to amaze us with their fashion forward styles. A definite must with them are, Skinny Jeans. To me, it is their trade mark. I expect it from them in every public appearance they make. I think I’m still without an image of them in shorts. For a group of teenagers/young adults, they really know how to work their boundaries. They work the colored denim, scarves, and even boots. Me being from southern California, hardly see fashion from male teenagers going that far.
Want their style? I find their style very top notch, yet affordable. They are seen wearing outfits that can be found in a modern day mall. I’ve seen them wearing a lot of Hollister and Ed Hardy t-shirts, but most of their type of clothing can be bought at local stores like: Urban Outfitters, H&M; and to be broad, Nordstrom. To be at least in the same category as their style, skinny jeans, and at least two layers are a must.
Key thought! They'd pick a blazer over a zip-up jacket, a scarf over a sweat band, and probably lime green over brown.